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The school year is off to a great start am I’m excited to be at Allard Elementary taking care of your children. If your child is in need of medication during the school day, please take note of our medication policy which is listed on our website. If it is absolutely necessary for your child to receive medication during the school day, these instructions must be followed:

1. A written order from the attending physician on letterhead must be presented with complete instructions for administering the medicine, including any pertinent information about the child’s health. This is mandatory for all medications including over-the-counter items such as Tylenol and cough drops.

 2. A written parental consent must accompany the medication and include the health problem which necessitates the medication.

3. The original medicine container MUST be properly labeled with the following information. Child’s name, name of medication, dosage of medication, time medication is to be administered

4. For those students on a medication regimen year after year, a new physician’s order and parental consent is mandatory at the beginning of each school year.

5. Medications MUST be brought to school by a parent and given to the school nurse, nurse assistant, health assistant, or secretary.

If the above procedure is not followed, medication will not be administered in school.

Also be aware of MASD medication policy which states: "For purposes of this policy, medication shall include all medicines prescribed by a licensed prescriber and any over-the-counter medicines." All medications must have a medication administration form signed by the parent/guardian and prescriber and be dropped off by a parent/guardian (or another adult designee) in the original packaging. All medications must be kept in the nurse's office. This includes cough drops, sunscreen, etc.

Please make sure your children aren't bringing in any medications from home and keeping them in their backpacks or desks. Please take time to review the policy on our website and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Thank you,


Lucia Hrabovsky RN, BSN, CSN

Allard Elementary School Nurse

412-264-9440 ext. 4121